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The biggest SUP Yoga event in the world

Water is the first particle that originated in a solid state on Earth and from it sprung a planet full of life. With it came living micro organisms that evolved into new life forms. From water originated all forms of life on planet earth. For this reason we want to celebrate world SUP YOGA day to THANK the aquatic environment where we practice every day, and which sustains us and allows us to practice yoga in a perfect connection with nature. Every year we are more aware of how we mistreat our oceans and natural environments, polluting them with plastics and a long list of other materials that are harmful to survival. To show our gratitude and respect for nature, we celebrate SUPYOGA DAY – our Yoga practice environment – to bless these vital ecosystems and communicate our unconditional love and gratitude.

We create awareness of the importance of preserving our oceans and all natural aquatic environments